Our Story

The Journey of Three Coaches United by a Shared Vision

Distinct Journeys, Shared Mission

The Power of Synergy in Coaching

The birth of AI Coach Connection is a story of three passionate individuals with separate coaching journeys converging towards a shared mission. Our paths first crossed when Guin and Chantal began their collaboration in September 2022. Together, they ventured into numerous successful endeavors, fostering a deep professional connection. Meanwhile, Guin had established a professional connection with Bruce Fleck, leading to further collaborations. As we continued to work together, our visions and skills beautifully aligned, and AI Coach Connection was born.

Our Vision

Shaping the Future of Coaching

At AI Coach Connection, our vision is to revolutionize the coaching industry by integrating the power of artificial intelligence with the human touch of coaching. We aim to empower coaches worldwide to leverage advanced AI, connect deeply with their clients, and elevate their business to unprecedented heights.

Our Mission

Empowering Coaches, Changing Lives

Our mission is to provide coaches with cutting-edge resources and community support, enabling them to effectively meet their clients' needs, scale their businesses, and create lasting impact. We're dedicated to fostering an environment of innovation, growth, and mutual support where coaches can thrive and make a difference.

Our Values

Core Beliefs Guiding Our Journey

Our values reflect our commitment to creating a positive, supportive community for coaches. These guiding principles shape everything we do, from our services and resources to our interactions with members.

Meet the Team

Meet the Visionaries Behind AI Coach Connection

Get to know the passionate individuals behind AI Coach Connection. Our diverse experiences and shared passion for coaching unite us in our commitment to helping you succeed.

Bruce Fleck, PhD

Bruce is an avid lifelong learner with a deep passion for psychology, technology, and self-improvement. His Ph.D. in Psychology, coupled with a dedication to integrating cutting-edge technology with self-improvement principles, provides a unique foundation for his work in the coaching industry. Bruce brings his considerable knowledge and innovative approach to help coaches unlock their full potential.

Chantal Cox

Chantal is a Transformation NeuroCoach™, MindValley Certified Business Coach, author, and podcast host with a mission to empower coaches. Drawing from over 15 years of special education experience, she delivers practical strategies that resonate with her clients. As a host of a globally-ranked podcast and an author, her influence extends worldwide. Her authenticity and expertise make her an exceptional force in the coaching industry.

Guin White

Guin is a Quantum Human Design™ & Positive Intelligence™ Coach committed to helping introverted coaches monetize their passions. By honoring their introverted nature, she guides her clients to find balance, overcome anxiety, and thrive with their unique gifts. With her guidance, coaches can shine through their "Introverted Intelligence" and reach their full potential.

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