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It's a Catch-22. You need credibility to attract clients. And you need clients to build credibility. The answer: host online events that help prospects get a micro-transformation. Producing small results towards their big problem establishes credibility and makes them want to work with you. Join the AI Transformational Event Planning Workshop now for just $27 and start planning your next event!

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"Discover the same formula used by Ryan Levesque, Eben Pagan, Danny Iny, and others!"

Workshop Date: July, 13 2024

VIP Day: Sunday, July 14, 2024

Time for Both Days: 11 AM ET / 8 AM PT

Duration: 3 hours each day

The Problem

Why Your Leaky Lead System is Leaving You Client-Poor

In the past 30 days, have you ever felt the following:

  • Wasting hours on manual outreach that never turns into paying clients

  • Feeling overwhelmed and exhausted by constant sales hustle

  • Confused by not knowing how to fix the situation

    Frustrated by the time spent on low-value work

  • Watching your dream business stall out unable to grow

  • Burning out your passion for coaching itself

But there is hope - with an AI lead nurture system you can escape this broken process...

The Facts

“Coaches will not be replaced by AI.
They will be replaced by coaches using AI”

~Eben Pagan

The labor-intensive leaky lead system is a frustrating reality for most coaches...

  • FACT: According to a Coaching Industry Report, 80% of coaches say that finding new clients is their top struggle.

The manual lead gen trap is leading to stalled business growth...

  • A Solopreneur Study found that 65% of solo coaches make under $60k/year and only 10% of life coaches are successful.

Precious coaching time lost to sales hustle is a symptom of the broken client acquisition process...

  • FACT: A Business of Coaching Survey found that coaches spend just 36% of their time on high-value work.

The future of AI promises an escape from constant client hustle...

  • FACT: 71% agreed that life coaches need to invest more in technology in the future, with 63% believing that the coaching industry will not return to pre-pandemic methods.

The Solution

Introducing the AI-Powered 6-Figure Workflow

That Fills Your Calendar With Clients Automatically

The Fast-Track to Fill Your Calendar With Hot Prospects

See how our AI-powered lead-nurturing automation system solves your client acquisition headaches:

  • Automates finding and booking clients eliminating sales hustle burnout

  • Fills your calendar with ideal prospects so you can coach with confidence

  • Works hands-free 24/7 freeing time and mental bandwidth

  • Scale your impact to become the thriving coach you aspire to be

Let automated, tailored lead nurturing fill your calendar with booked calls so you can coach with confidence.

Program Description

Start Your 14-Day Challenge To Unleash
The AI-Powered 6-Figure Workflow!

Experience the power of automated and individualized lead nurturing with a risk-free 14-day trial of CoachConnector

  • The 6-Figure Workflow:

    Discover the 6-Figure Workflow within CoachConnector, showcased in our demo. Let our AI bot nurture leads and fill your discovery call calendar with hot leads ready to buy.

  • All-in-One Platform:

    Eliminate the overwhelm of multiple platforms. Streamline your coaching business with our comprehensive platform and boost efficiency, focus, and savings.

  • Weekly Group Implementation Calls:

    Join our weekly calls for insights, shared experiences, and answers. You're never alone on this journey.

  • And More:

    Enjoy ongoing updates, an active community, and endless benefits tailored to your success.

  • Bonus: QuickStart Mastery Course

    Explore beyond the 6-Figure Workflow with our QuickStart course. Dive into the full range of CoachConnector features and maximize your trial.

  • Let automated, tailored lead nurturing fill your calendar with booked calls so you can coach with confidence.

See the AI-Powered 6-Figure Workflow in action.

Watch the Demo!

After your 14-day free trial ends, you will be automatically charged. You can cancel anytime before the trial ends to avoid charges. Refunds are prorated daily and will be reduced by any services used and applicable banking fees. Your credit card information is required to cover any usage fees associated with SMS or AI services during your trial.

Three steps to automated client bookings in just 14 days!

Step 1:
Enroll in the 14-day challenge

  • Get immediate access to the AI workflow and training, so you can hit the ground running with a proven system

Step 2:
Customize settings and integrate your calendar

  • Configure lead flows and booking preferences

    So your AI starts capturing and scheduling ideal prospects

Step 3:
Send traffic and let the AI do the work

  • The AI nurtures and converts leads 24/7 so you get a predictable stream of new coaching clients on autopilot

The Benefits

Build Credibility and Attract Clients by Delivering Transformational Results With Your Event

For Just $27, You'll Be Able to Plan Your First Transformational Event!

  • Develop a clear topic, title, key results, and takeaways so your events attract clients and build credibility.

  • Create a comprehensive list of event topics, experiential activities, and follow-up resources so you can deliver engaging and effective events.

  • Utilize an AI-powered app based on a proven transformational event planning formula so you can create impactful events effortlessly.

  • Follow the 7-step AI guided prompts to develop a unique, engaging, and fully aligned transformational event.

  • Access the training for a lifetime so you can revisit and refine your skills continually.

Plan Your Transformational Event with Confidence and Precision

  • Use AI to analyze the problem you solve, the solution you provide, and your methodology to suggest fully aligned event topics.

  • Use AI to analyze your ideal client to create transformational topics that are meaningful and resonate with your target audience.

  • Use AI to generate a logical and sequential event flow that guides participants through their transformation.

  • Use AI to generate ideas for experiential activities that engage participants and accelerate learning.

  • Engage in a done-with-you workshop where you will get personalized support and feedback in real-time.

Why Work With Us

We Understand the Struggle With Marketing & Technology

As experienced coaches, we have tried dozens of apps in search of the perfect tech stack. We know what it's like to run a business on your own, and the overwhelm and frustration new technology causes. We've been there before on the steep learning curve. That’s why we dedicated ourselves to teaching how to use gen-AI tools to master marketing and business principles for coaches and consultants. We want to teach other entrepreneurs to leverage this powerful technology without the frustration and overwhelm. We know the potential of what it can do for your business. We created the AI Biz Accelerator to guide online entrepreneurs, so they can avoid months or years of tech confusion. Our structured curriculum distills the AI knowledge we wish we had starting out.

Bringing Decades of Expertise

With over 75 years of combined technology, business, and education experience, Bruce, Chantal, and Guin have the knowledge and experience to design and deliver a world class educational experience. . Collectively, our team has the proven experience to quickly unlock AI's potential specifically for your online business. We’ve already taught dozens of coaches how to use gen-AI effectively in their businesses. We can do the same for you.

Here's What Past Participants Are Saying...

Nathaly Salas

International Real Estate Coach

Ibrahim Alyirami

Global Leadership Author & Coach

Kristin Tatman

Spiritual Manifesting Coach

The Proof

Here's What Others Are Saying

Peiming Sun

Coach, Mentor, Trainer

"Here are some nice things to say."

Kristin Tatman

Transformational Coach

"Wow! This stuff really works!"

Jennifer Barut, PhD RN

Healthcare Leader & Coach

"The CoachConnector Team really helped me..."

Sue Janzen, B.Ed.

Personal Growth Coach

"The video training was straight-forward and easy to implement."

Accelerate Your Success with VIP

Fill Your Event Using Targeted Content Marketing That Attracts Ideal Clients

Easily Create Engaging Content with the AI Transformational Event Content Marketing VIP Workshop!

  • Develop a comprehensive 4-week content marketing plan that resonates with your ideal clients.

  • Create results-oriented content that motivates people to join your event.

  • Produce one long-form content piece in both blog and video script format.

  • Generate five short-form content pieces customized for your social media accounts.

  • Get LIFETIME access to the AI Transformational Event Content Marketing Tool.

Start Promoting Your Event Immediately with Targeted Content for Just $97...

  • Accelerate your content creation process to save time and effort by producing high-quality content quickly.

  • Engage your target audience effectively to captivate and retain your audience's attention with relevant content.

  • Increase workshop sign-ups and participation to boost event attendance by motivating your audience to take action.

  • Establish your authority and boost SEO to build credibility and improve search engine ranking with authoritative content.

  • Enhance your social media presence and engagement to keep your social media platforms active and engaging with customized content.

Our Guarantee

The Gen-AI Academy Ironclad Guarantee

Don't worry, there's a no-risk guarantee.

Single Course Peace-of-Mind Promise

  • 👍 Dive deep into a single course risk-free. We’re offering a 7-day 100% satisfaction guarantee. If it's not for you, no hard feelings. We'll refund every penny.

Certification Confidence Commitment

  • 👍 Embark on a broader journey with our certification levels. Enjoy a generous 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee. We're confident in our program's value, but if it doesn't align with your aspirations, we'll ensure your investment is returned.

💡 Remember... AI mastery in business isn't just the future—it's the now. Don't get left behind. Equip yourself with GenAI skills today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What if I've never hosted a webinar before?

Our workshop is designed specifically for beginners. With our step-by-step worksheet and live Zoom session, you'll be able to develop a fully aligned workshop topics and outline that will attract ideal clients and lead them towards your coaching program.

Q2: Can I really make money from hosting webinars?

Absolutely. Our workshop will show you how to turn your expertise into a compelling webinar that people are willing to pay for. The revenue from workshops is small. The money is in the follow-up as you nurture people after the event into your coaching program.

Q3: What if I can't attend the live workshop?

No problem. There will be a recording of the live session, so you can learn at your own pace and revisit the material whenever you need to.

Q4: Will I get any direct feedback during the workshop?

Yes, our interactive Q&A sessions and small group breakout sessions are perfect opportunities for you to receive personalized feedback and support.

Q5: Is my niche too small to benefit from webinars?

Not at all. In fact, webinars can be incredibly effective for niche markets. They allow you to speak directly to your ideal client's needs and establish yourself as an authority in your specific area.

Q6: How long will it take to see results from my webinar?

Results can vary, but many people of our clients start seeing the impact immediately in the form of new leads and client interest. It is vital that you develop a good nurture process after the workshop that converts attendees into coaching clients and/or get referrals for future workshops.

Q7: How interactive is the workshop? I don't want to just listen; I want to participate.

Participation is a core part of our workshop. You'll be actively involved through live implementation, breakout sessions, and interactive Q&A to ensure you're not just absorbing information, but also applying it.

Confidently Attract Clients and Build Credibility Using Transformational Events!

Launch your transformational event and become the confident, credible coach you aspire to be. Planning your event is easy using our AI-powered event planning app. Attend the AI Transformational Event Planning Workshop for just $27, and start attracting the clients you deserve.

Privacy Policy: We’ll never share your info with anyone.

Workshop Date: July, 13 2024

VIP Day: Sunday, July 14, 2024

Time for Both Days: 11 AM ET / 8 AM PT

Duration: 3 hours each day

What's At Stake

The 14-day challenge is FREE,
and taking no action could be costly!

If you DON'T test the
AI-Powered 6-Figure Workflow

  • Wasting hours each week manually prospecting - feel exhausted and resentful

  • Leaving business growth to chance - feel powerless and worried

  • Constant anxiety about filling your schedule - feel panicked and stressed

  • Remaining stalled out unable to scale - feel stuck and disappointed

  • Inconsistent sprinkle of sparse new leads - feel confused and unsettled

  • Ongoing struggle targeting right clients - feel aimless and ineffective

  • Endless back-and-forth trying to book calls - feel aggravated and impatient

  • Day filled with low value sales activities - feel unfulfilled and weary

  • Continued resentment and fatigue around selling - feel drained and bitter

  • Staying trapped doing everything yourself - feel alone and overwhelmed

If you DO test the
AI-Powered 6-Figure Workflow

  • Setup automated lead generation in just 14 days - feel energized anticipating the results

  • Get proven AI technology working for you - experience optimism seeing it in action

  • Never worry about finding your next client again - feel confident and in control

  • Scale your business growth 10x faster - feel momentum and acceleration

  • Consistent lead nurturing and conversions 24/7 - feel reassured by the reliability

  • Insights to identify and attract ideal clients - feel targeted and strategic

  • Automated scheduling packs your calendar - feel relieved and peaceful

  • Free up hours every day to focus on delivery - feel liberated and purposeful

  • Reduce frustration and burnout around acquisition - feel calm and balanced

  • Build the leveraged business model you want - feel proud and accomplished

Why Work With Us

Unlock Your AI Potential on Your Terms

Whether you want to start small or go all-in, we have an option that fits your goals, skills, and budget.

The more you learn, the more you save with our bundled pricing.

Single Class


  • Dip your toe in the water with our modular 2-week courses. Learn just what you need right now.

Single Certification


  • 5+ classes take you from novice to certified at a knowledge level like Apprentice,  Associate, Professional, or Expert.

Associate Certification Bundle


  • Our Most Popular Choice!

  • All 10 classes to achieve both AI Apprentice and Associate certifications.

  • The fastest path to AI fluency.

Expert Certification Bundle


  • Our full 20+ class curriculum covers everything you need to integrate AI confidently into your business.

  • Become an industry leader.

For the Pioneers: The First 25 Buyers

  • 🌟 Exclusive 50% OFF - Secure your place among the first wave of GenAI Academy trailblazers. But act quickly—this massive discount is only for the fastest movers!

  • 📜 We only have one request: Share your journey! Provide us with your invaluable feedback and, if our program lights your path to AI mastery, a testimonial to inspire others.

  • Use Coupon Code: GENAIPIONEER

For the Innovators: The Next 25 Buyers

  • 🌟 Special 25% OFF - Still ahead of the curve? Grab this exclusive discount and be among the innovators revolutionizing the world of online entrepreneurship with GenAI knowledge.

  • 📜 We believe in continuous evolution. Your insights can be the catalyst for our next breakthrough. Plus, we'd be honored by your testimonial if we exceed your expectations.

  • Use Coupon Code: GENAIINNOVATOR

Single Course Peace-of-Mind Promise

  • 👍 Dive deep into a single course risk-free. We’re offering a 7-day 100% satisfaction guarantee. If it's not for you, no hard feelings. We'll refund every penny.

Certification Confidence Commitment

  • 👍 Embark on a broader journey with our certification levels. Enjoy a generous 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee. We're confident in our program's value, but if it doesn't align with your aspirations, we'll ensure your investment is returned.

Make an investment in yourself that will pay dividends for your business.

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